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Getting the Minivan Camper Ready to Travel

The past couple of weeks I have been completing many of the little tasks to get the minivan ready for travel. Not knowing exactly where I will be going, or how long I will be gone, I must be prepared for anything. This could mean taking some things that will never be used, but I

My First Night in the Minivan Camper

Before I get to the second part of finishing the van, I want to share some revelations I learned from my first night in the minivan camper and actually sleeping in the van. Overall it worked very well, but I will explain some observations. First of all, the couch moves very easily, despite the load

Starting to Create a Minivan Camper

I had thought about documenting my creation over several posts… until I realized it is so simple, it can be created in a weekend, once the materials are gathered. So this will be the “starting” of it, and when it’s done, I will show the “completion” of it. That’s about how long it takes and

Creating a Minivan Camper

There are four main reasons I’m creating a minivan camper… (1) economy, (2) handling, (3) maneuverability and (4) versatility. I’m sure that there are other reasons that could be thought of, but these are the main ones that I am considering. Most new minivans are getting up to 28 mpg (according to the manufacturer’s ratings),

Starting Another Minivan Camper Conversion

Welcome to the first post of a new blog on starting another minivan camper conversion and then using it for everything from day trips to seasonal vacations lasting months at a time! I am not “anti-social”, but…. … I choose to keep this blog private for as long as I can. The blog title is
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