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Cooking in a Small Vehicle, Part Three

You have seen (in the first two posts) what I have to work with in cooking in a small vehicle and cooling equipment, and the actual food I watch for and use. Now I’m going to talk about what I use to prepare the food, the cooking equipment, the utensils and appliances I carry in

Cooking in a Small Vehicle, Part Two

One problem that single campers have is trying to do cooking in a small vehicle for one person without having leftovers. Nearly all cans of food are designed for two people, especially if you are making a recipe with them. It’s about a 50/50 split as to whether you can cook without leftovers. You’re bound

Cooking in a Small Vehicle, Part One

Traveling in a minivan camper does have its challenges, and one of them is cooking in a small vehicle. It requires a convenient setup that is flexible to all circumstances. Some would say it’s not worth the effort, and would just as soon eat out. That’s perfectly fine if you have the budget and lack
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